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The Problem

The dating environment is becoming increasingly harder to navigate, with apps such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Badoo infamously known for finding non-serious hookups and speed dating events not quite catering to singletons needs. On top of this, society tells us that romantic partnership is the be-all and end-all to life and suggests that those who use dating services are desperate.

The Solution

Kloser Dating approached me needing a brand strategy, professional brand identity and website to launch with in 2020. Aware of the problems that we faced in this market, we decided to position Kloser as a Safe and Inclusive dating activities company who believe enjoyable Human Interaction is key in uplifting people and finding Compatible partners.

​I began my Brand Identity process with a consultation with the business owner, followed by undertaking both qualitative and quantitative research into the company, market, culture and audience. This allowed me to find key insights and determine how to position Kloser Dating in the market, before creating their brand values, brand proposition, tone of voice, messaging, a professional visual identity and website design. 

Focussing on the aspect of human interaction; after researching residual, current and emergent trends of visual brand identities in this market, I took inspiration from images of two people embracing each other and speech marks to represent communication. Throughout the logo design process I kept in mind that this logo needs to be legible across many platforms and scalable in order for it to grow with the business, as the logo will currently be used across print material and on social media but in the future Kloser may also have a digital product.

Wanting the brand icon to represent the dating market, but not wanting it to be too feminine or literal, we opted for a modern single line weight style symbol of two people embracing, forming a heart shape. The brand colour orange was chosen for its associations with friendliness, confidence and energy while turquoise-blue was chosen for it’s association with trust, security and communication, as well as being a complementary colour.




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