Mela Cosmetics 

Branding | Packaging | UX/UI | Art Direction


The Problem

Although diverse shade ranges are now more accessible than they were 10 years ago, there is still a lack of quality products for people with deeper skin tones as darker complexions weren’t taken into consideration when historical formulators and chemists originally produced foundation formulations. Because of this, although many brands are expanding their shade ranges, their products still don’t compliment deeper skin tones or fulfill these customers needs, leading to ethnic people feeling overlooked in this market.


The Solution

Mela Cosmetics is a make-up brand with a goal to bring quality, inclusive and affordable cosmetics products to the beauty industry.


The role of this project was to create a brand in-line with the companies market positioning, but to ensure that it still stands out among competitors while also communicating it’s brand values; to appeal to and emotionally connect with it's target audience and foster loyal customer relationships. ​I created a premium brand look and feel to communicate the quality of Mela products and visually represent the brand values, but with a slight industrial essence to represent the brand’s urban personality and connect with its audience who feel outcasted.

I undertook market, competitor and consumer research before creating a mood board of imagery to influence my visual identity design process, taking into consideration residual, current and emergent design trends in the Beauty market.

After completing the visual brand identity, I produced rough wireframe sketches to outline the basic layout of the website  and application design before moving into Adobe XD where I created lofidelity digital wireframes followed by hi-fidelity prototypes.

During this project I also organised and art-directed a photoshoot to capture original photographs to use on the website and in the mobile app. 



Visual Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Web Design




Jai Ceesay - Photographer

Renee Saunders - Make-up Artist

Various Models