Sound Check

Visual Brand Identity Design


The Problem

Sound Check is a Japanese music app which allows users to listen to an anonymous artists music and decide whether they like it or not before revealing the artists identity. The old Sound Check brand identity was considered to be “not strong enough” and people didn’t like their blue, purple, yellow and green colour scheme.


The Solution

I updated the Sound Check visual brand identity with a bold, modern brand symbol which can be applied and is legible across their digital and social channels, as well as introduced a more energetic colour palette influenced by Japanese night life.


Being a brief visual brand identity project, I began by undertaking some basic research into competitors and Japanese culture. I then made a mood board of imagery that influenced me and began creating rough logo symbol ideas. It was important to me that this logo was a clean symbol rather than a wordmark as its main practical use will be as an icon to identify a mobile app, on small digital screens. 


The colour palette for the Sound Check rebrand was influenced by images of vibrant Japanese nightlife, referencing the energetic cyberpunk design trend and the colours complement each other in a triadic colour scheme.



Visual Brand Identity

Mela Cosmetics is a make-up brand that values itself on providing quality products for diverse skin tones, with a focus on the deeper skin tones which are still underrepresented within the beauty industry.

The primary target audience for Mela Cosmetics is 18-35 year old women of colour who value quality and premium products but at an affordable, every day, price; who feel excluded in the beauty industry and often struggle to find the perfect foundation match. As there is still a lack of representation of black women within the beauty industry, and even when they are represented it’s usually an after-thought once a lack of representation has been called out, this can lead to black women, especially children and teens, resenting their natural features such as dark skin, wide noses, plump lips and kinky hair as up until recently they've rarely seen these features included and represented as beautiful, and some of these features have now been reduced to a 'trend'. 

The role of this project was to create a brand in-line with the companies market positioning, but to ensure that it still stands out among competitors, while also communicating it’s brand values; to appeal to and emotionally connect with the target audience and begin to  build loyal customer relationships. 


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Jai Ceesay - Photographer