The Neverland

Visual Brand Identity | Illustration

The Neverland is an anti knife crime focussed clothing brand that uses it’s clothing designs to communicate with young, teenage boys and encourage them to actively make positive decisions early in life, in hopes to lessen the chances of them becoming involved in dangerous situations.

I carried out extensive primary and secondary research to understand my target audience and the problems that lead to knife crime. As knife crime is an extremely layered problem where it's impossible to tackle all angles in one project, the decision was made to target young teenage boys, around secondary school age, who love the culture of UK rap music which has been criticised for glamorising violence, as this is where children are often given freedom for the first time and this freedom can lead them to becoming involved in dangerous situations if an active effort isn't made to channel their energy in the right places from a young age; it's easier to prevent a situation from happening than it is to pick up the pieces once the damage has been done. 

The decision to create a clothing line rather than a campaign was made as due to desensitisation, teenage boys aren't always interested in being told what the consequences of carrying a knife are, they know what they are, or being told what to do. By using streetwear to communicate a subtle message, the clothing brand is able to build a tribe-like culture as it becomes more established, where consumers buy into the brand because of it's other values such as it's connection with UK rap music, as well as building awareness for knife crime and encouraging young teenage boys to take what control they do have over their lives and choose to follow a positive path. Due to government cuts which have led to many youth centres being closed down, as the brand becomes more established it would be nice to see The Neverland youth centres that provide a sense of escapism and a safe-place for young, teenage boys to relax, learn new skills and be mentored. 

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