Virgin Escapes

Branding | UX/UI 

As part of the D&AD Newblood Awards, Virgin Atlantic asked us to design their new sub-brand which appeals to customers with an adventurous and spontaneous attitude who are looking for a quick and easy way to book holidays. 

The outcome had to encourage an attitude instead of targeting a specific demographic, be convenient to save consumers time and sometimes also money, and reflect Virgin Atlantic's refreshed brand identity.
I undertook some primary research to gain an understanding of what spontaneous holiday buyers look for when booking their next trip and what would help their process.
My trip to South By Southwest introduced me to the obvious link between technology and people, and I used my insights to build the idea of a holiday booking app which uses an algorithm to learn what you like and so directly bring you the holidays that you’re interested in, similarly to dating apps, allowing you to literally swipe right too book a package hotel and flight!

As the design had to be in-line with Virgin Atlantic's refreshed brand identity, I made sure to use the same typeface, colours and tone of voice which was presented in their brand-guidelines document. 

Brand Identity Design
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